Are you just getting started in your career?

Or starting to think, “there has to be a different way?”  Wondering if there’s a position out there where you and your clients don’t feel like just a number?

We are actively building a team where you don’t have to wonder!  A team where professional development and support are just part of the culture.  A team where your personal well-being and goals are just as valuable as the goals of the clinic. 

Don’t believe it? 

 Here’s what our team is saying:

Work at Wild Roots Therapy



Tell us a bit about yourself; we appreciate memes and introductory videos just as much as a beautiful resume!  

Clinical skills can be learned. 

Personality and fit are priorities!  

Looking for Part-time? Full-time? 

 Let’s see what works! 

Competitive pay.  Benefits.  Cupcakes. 

We serve the pediatric population throughout Montana with a heavy lean towards children who’ve experienced early trauma.  We use a lens of dysregulation, rather than behavior, and continue to move towards holistic services that include trauma-responsive yoga and counseling for the parents of our pediatric clientele.  We value community and donate regularly to local and global causes plus host monthly dinners to support collaboration between various provider networks.

Please explore our Facebook and Instagram accounts to familiarize yourself with the level of shenanigans included in employment with Wild Roots Therapy, INC.  

We believe that providing outstanding therapy can be both rewarding and fun!

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