Steps for getting started
how to get started 6-10

Interested in services? For Occupational Therapy or Speech

  1. Have your doctor fax a referral to our office 969-1796
  2. Follow-up with a call or email to confirm its been received.
  3. Intake call with office manager to determine need and priorities for family.
  4. Waiting list… this is a possibility. The more flexible you are the sooner you’ll be scheduled.
  5. Evaluation is scheduled (we’ll call you!) and our intake paperwork is emailed!
  6. Evaluation at the clinic. 60-90 minutes.
  7. Email sent to family about therapy and consulting options.
  8. Follow-up appointments. Many children are seen weekly for 6+ months.
  9. Discharge
  10. Reboot with a camp or intensive in the future as desired.

No referral from a doctor needed for counseling.

Proceed to step 2 and contact the office manager at

No referral needed from a doctor for the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics Consulting.

Email Erica to schedule.