“I can’t believe your clinic caught those executive functioning challenges! Everybody keeps telling me her skills are fine even when she has so many struggles!”

Mom of two, Your Content Goes Here

By far one of my favorite professionals. I wish I could clone Erica and take her everywhere. If you have the opportunity to work with this woman, do it! You won’t be sorry!


Our daughter, who joined our family through adoption, has developmental trauma, and traditional OT and other therapies were not sufficient to meet her needs.

We contacted the Child Trauma Academy in Houston, TX to learn more about trauma and how to find a therapist who may have the expertise to help our daughter.   We learned that Erica is one of a handful of trained and certified child trauma academy OTs in the country.

We live in the Midwest and Billings, Montana is a 15-hour (one way ) drive from our home.  However, bringing our daughter to work with Erica was well worth the trip!!!

Erica demonstrated a wealth of knowledge, compassion, a genuine caring heart, and passion for OT and trauma OT as she worked one-on-one with our daughter.  She also worked closely with our whole family as she knows the effects of trauma affect the entire family unit.

Erica also navigated our family through how to treat and parent a trauma child.  She shared a wealth of resources, tools, and options for us to try. She also recommended many therapy tools and products that we could obtain to use at home.

Erica spent a lot of time in evaluating our daughter’s unique situation and needs, and she prepared a detailed treatment plan that would help our daughter start to heal.

After a month of implementing Erica’s personalized strategies for our daughter, we saw progress with our 6-year-old daughter.

Our daughter’s multi-disciplinary therapeutic team (at school and private therapy) has implemented the healing strategies as well so there are consistency and predictability for our daughter. Erica has also offered to work directly with the team of therapists to offer expertise and support too if need be.

Erica truly has a gift working with children!! Working with Erica has literally been a life-changing improvement for our daughter and our family.!!  We cannot recommend her highly enough for any family that wants to provide expert care for a child with developmental trauma, trauma, or any needs that require occupational therapy.

Erica is great with my little guy. She has an active and creative therapy approach that helps with sensory issues.


Our son came to live with us when he was 13 months old. He is now almost 4. A year ago, we started seeing signs of regression and with the limited information from the caseworker, we didn’t know how to help him. A friend sent me a Facebook link to Wild Roots Therapy. After viewing a video on trauma assessment, I knew we needed to get an appointment. Erica worked with us to schedule our son when we were going to be in Billings from out of town. Coming to Wild Roots Therapy has given us common sense answers for issues we have been facing with our children. Erica has helped us understand how trauma affects brain development and has given us the resources to help battle the developmental delays they face. We will definitely continue to seek help from Wild Roots Therapy.


I always refer to Erica as our family’s lifesaver.

She helped us when we were desperate. I love her caring nature and her ongoing knowledge. About an hour into my sons’ evaluation he went and sat on Erica’s lap. Like he found the person that understood him. She still keeps in touch even though we “graduated” from therapy. I’m so happy she’s there for us and we can’t wait to visit her in her new facility.