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ERICACEO & Occupational Therapist
As a former foster parent, Erica founded Wild Roots Therapy, INC after discovering the lack of understanding and support for parents parenting children who’ve experienced early trauma. Erica’s clinical expertise is in the evaluation and treatment of children from babies to teens with various developmental

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EMILIOccupational Therapist & Therapy Manager
Early trauma, ADHD, anxiety, or other developmental differences leading to baffling behaviors and struggles at home, school, or in the community? Emili is an expert in determining strengths, areas of need, and creating comprehensive therapy plans for clients and families.

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BRIANCounselor & Director of Operations
Brian Schuppe, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, was born and raised in Billings. Brian is an Army Veteran and after his military career, he returned to Billings where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Information Systems.

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MADYSONOccupational Therapist & Integrator
If your child is struggling with regulation or motor skills at home or school, Maddy is here to help you engage in playful parenting to connect and gain skills. Maddy’s passion is strengths-based and neurodiversity affirming practice, and she has completed continuing education in (read more…)
JESSOccupational Therapist & ILS Lead
Jess began her time at Wild Roots Therapy as a Level 11 fieldwork intern from the University of North Dakota, Casper, WY campus.  Occupational Therapy is Jess’s second career and she brings a wealth of knowledge in family systems and
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SEANOccupational Therapy Aide
Sean combines his developing knowledge in occupational therapy, yoga certificate, and experiences in the US Marines to connect with children of all ages. A veteran who returned to Billings to complete his education at University of Mary-Billings. Sean completed an (read more…)
AMANDAOccupational Therapist
If your child needs a lot of encouragement and positive energy to create a therapeutic bond, then Amanda is the perfect fit! Amanda brings her Enneagram 7 enthusiasm to every interaction, she is known for her contagious smile and being the “Culture Queen” at the clinic!

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AMBRIOccupational Therapist
As a therapist, quiet patience and hands-on activities for improving executive functioning, fine motor, and visual motor skills are well balanced by Ambri’s skills as a collegiate athlete. Ambri is another Billings local on the Wild Roots team! She played soccer for Rocky Mountain (Read more…)
JANELLESpeech Therapist
Is your child struggling with feeding skills? Janelle has 17+ years of clinical experience in pediatrics with specialty areas in feeding and speech/language skills for the 0-3 populations. Janelle is from Wyoming and completed her bachelor’s and master’s
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As a therapist Anna is passionate about your mental health! She believes you are your greatest investment and the richest relationship you will ever experience is the one you choose to develop with yourself.
Anna, LCPC, received her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Psychology
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ELYACertified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Does your child love art? Elya ([pronounced E Leah) combines her love of art with therapeutic analysis of daily activities to determine the step-by-step skill growth needed for success in school, home, community, and (Read more…)
ANDYSpeech Therapist
Does your child need a heavy dose of play and personalized connection to engage well in speech therapy sessions? Andy may be the perfect match! Andy has over a decade of pediatric experience with children ages 0+ including early intervention services in homes, daycares and clinics plus teletherapy experience with
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RUBYOccupational Therapist
As a therapist, Ruby is passionate about making personal connections with patients so she can help them reach their full potential in a fun and interactive way. Ruby completed her doctorate capstone project in Denver, working alongside the non-profit Brent’s Place to provide occupational therapy services to families in (Read more…)
TIERNEYClinic Assistant
Tierney is an impassioned organizer! She keeps all therapy spaces, supplies, and the Wild Roots Team running smoothly. She increases the efficiency of the clinic by seeing problems before they arise and closely observing my coworkers to meet their needs. (Read more…)
MARY(Upcoming) Speech Therapist
As a newer speech therapist, Mary combines her knowledge of speech therapy treatment strategies with energy and a background in dance and movement to create highly engaging therapy sessions. Mary is the only Wild Roots Therapy team member with passports (Read more…)
CALLIEExecutive Administrative Assistant
If you call the office with any scheduling or referral needs, you will likely receive supportive and thoughtful help from Callie! Problem-solving and juggling the expectations of her team and hundreds of patients each week are Callie’s superpowers. (Read more…)
LAURENPhysical Therapist
Lauren has been a physical therapist working with patients across the lifespan for 30+ years! Lauren brings her unique experience with dry needling, kinesiotaping, and orthotics to patients with challenges to a range of motion, (Read more…)
SARAHPhysical Therapy Assistant
Challenges with keeping kids engaged in physical therapy sessions? Sarah brings creativity and enthusiasm plus years of therapy and therapy management skills to her role at Wild Roots! Sarah is a lifelong Montana (Read more…)



Our mission at Wild Roots Therapy is to provide hope, inspiration, and education for families and systems across Montana.


Our Vision of Wild Roots Therapy is to provide a statewide model for trauma-informed multidisciplinary care for children and families in a facility where all types of families feel supported and welcome.